The Skin Express™ Franchise – An Overview Skin Express™ is a growing chain of skin blemish and hair removal outlets offering professional, reliable and low cost light based epilation to consumers. This method of hair removal is safe, permanent and affordable and at Skin Express™ you will have the peace of mind that comes with professional people who have been in the business for over ten years. The Skin Express™ team have just one objective – effective and comfortable light-based permanent hair reduction for men and women of all ages and skin tones. Our medical experts and trainers are Malta’s top aesthetic practitioners and work with clients themselves on a daily basis. Furthermore, Skin Express™ is committed to attending the top aesthetic fairs in Europe every year to ensure that it can bring the state of the art in technology and best practices in this sector to its clients. The equipment which we supply to our outlets is top-notch European made and certified to the latest exacting standards for safety and efficacy. Buying into a Skin Express™ franchise, or visiting as a hair removal client, gives the reassurance of putting your money to good use and for your own long term benefit, whether for business or for personal gain and quality of life improvement. From celebrities, to busy professionals and soccer mums, Skin Express™ meets the needs of the most discerning client. With the objective of pleasing our customers by producing desired results, we provide a level of quality service unequalled elsewhere. What’s more, we are continually pushing those standards to higher limits. Our Beginnings – back in the year 2000, the idea was simple and innovative–provide a luxurious, but professional atmosphere for offering full body Light Based hair removal and skin renewal services. The goal was to embrace an aesthetic approach to medical procedures that were at the time being performed in sterile medical offices. In our first decade, we treated tens of thousands of Maltese men and women, and, with our franchised outlet partners, are poised to treat many more in the years to come. With our current total focus on Light Based hair removal, we have become the nation’s leading experts in the field.

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